Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Watch Out for Gunther Watches This Festival Season

Plain Cover Pocket WatchesIt is interesting to see how the pocket watch, which began as a symbol of upper class society, has now become a beautiful collector’s item. Today, pocket watches are available with many watch companies. One such company that provides beautiful pocket watches is Gunther Watch Company.

With over 27 years of experience, Gunther Watch Company provides exceptional service in terms of their pocket watch collections, their personalized engravings, to their competitive prices. The company provides various types of pocket watches:
  • Charles Hubert Pocket Watches
  • Devonshire Pocket Watches
  • Devonshire Quartz Pocket Watches
Personalized Pocket Watches: Besides these wonderful collections, the company also provides personalized pocket watches. These watches can be designed in several types. Each type is created to suit a person’s personality:
  • Pocket Watches with Quartz Movements: If keeping accurate time is your main objective, then quartz movements are the best option in pocket watches. Quartz technology has made it easier to produce watches that give precise time.
  • Pocket Watches with Mechanical Movements: As the pocket watch is also considered a classic time piece, many enthusiasts prefer to go in for the original mechanical one. These watches consist of three parts, and have a winding stem that winds the spring and sets the time.
  • Swiss made Pocket Watches: If you wish to invest in a time piece that will last for generations, then the Swiss made pockets watches might be perfect for you.
Engraving: Another specialty of Gunther’s is providing custom engraved pocket watches. The master engraver has created 12 original engraving design templates to choose from. You can also bring your own design, which can also be engraved onto the watch. Examples would be company logos, family crests, etc.

Accessories: to provide a complete watch buying experience, Gunther provides a variety of accessories to go with your time pieces. Choose from the eclectic choices:
  • Pocket Watch Stands
  • Leather Pocket Watch Holders
  • Natural Oak Valet Tray
  • Watch Winders
You can find all this and more at Gunther Watch Company. Visit the company website to know more -

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Pocket Watch - A Perfect Gift

Pocket Watch - A Perfect GiftHoliday season is slowly nearing. And it is time to spread joy and cheer with food, music, and gifts. But how do you find a gift that is unique and appropriate for close friends or family members? If you are looking for a gift that is simple, beautiful and meaningful, one great alternative is a personalized key chain pocket watch.

The pocket watch is an item that can add a touch of elegance to a man’s personality. It can also be presented to show your appreciation towards the desired person. Many a time, it can be used to commemorate a long and close relationship. Thus, the pocket watch becomes more than a present; it becomes a symbol of love and respect.

There are many advantages to gifting a person a pocket watch:

a. Look and Feel: From the first glance, the pocket watch is guaranteed to get a lot of attention. A plain watch can still look quite god due to the smooth metal finishing and color. One can also choose between a simple design and something that covers a variety of uses such as date, compass, etc.

b. Engraving: Perhaps the best part about this gift is that it can be engraved to convey a personal message. Most pocket watch providers have in-house engravers that can write your message in a beautiful, calligraphic style.

c. Designs: Many pocket-watch tops can be given a particular design so that it will be unique to the owner. For example, if the owner is in the shipping industry, the watch can have a bejeweled embellishment of a ship.

d. Photograph: The inner side of the watch top has enough space to place a one inch sized photo. This can also be used to personalize a pocket watch. One can even place a drawing or symbol signifying the relationship.

As you can see, there are many advantages to purchasing a personalized pocket watch. So why not choose one this holiday season?

Monday, 28 October 2013

Incredible Collections of Pocket Watches at Gunther Watch Company

pesonalized pocket watches for menA personalized pocket watch – what a great gift to yourself or to a loved one or in celebration of everything from a birthday to retirement.

Gunther Watch offers an incredible selection of pocket watches, and you can personalize each one.

What kind of personalization might you want engraved on the watch you choose? The size and number of letters or numbers will probably influence your choice of watch, but truly you can personalize in an amazing number of ways, from simple initials to more complicated designs that work with the shape, usually circular, of the watch and may contain sayings, or sentences as well as names and initials.

By the way, our smaller pocket watches make ideal gifts for women.
We offer personalized pocket watches with quartz movements, also known as battery operated watches. These provide incredible accuracy. The display comes in two styles, a typical analog style with numbers displayed around the dial and a digital display.

Quartz watches have fewer parts than the mechanical and automatic watches making them ideal for daily use.
Our personalized pocket watches with mechanical movements are considered ‘real’ pocket watches by many because they hearken back to a time when watches weren’t powered by batteries. These come in two styles – the truly old fashioned watch that needs to be wound every day or so, and the automatic mechanical watch which winds itself as you move it.

Mechanical or automatic pocket watches have more moving parts. No battery means you save the cost of the batteries and no batteries is probably kinder ecologically; however these watches are more likely to need sometimes expensive repairs.

What about Swiss Made personalized pocket watches? If the movement was truly made by famed Swiss watch makers it’s a quality watch. However, if it costs less than about $300, it makes sense to doubt its authenticity and quality.

If you’re looking for an exquisitely built pocket watch and money is of little concern, a Swiss Made movement is an excellent choice.

Gunther Watch offers you the personalized pocket watch you may not have even realized you wanted!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Gunther’s Exclusive Collection of Pocket Watches for Men is Ideal as Gift Items

Contemporary Pocket Watches for MenPocket watches are an ideal illustration of perfect gifts that you may want to consider to present to your loved ones, friends, family member, or co-workers on any occasion. Gunther Watch Company is your go-to-source when it comes to quaint, yet contemporary pocket watches for men. Our exclusive collection, modern designs and detailed engineering in timepieces makes us the preferred choice for those who are in search of an ideal gift item.

All the watches that we offer speak volumes about your attention to intricate details. We are the most well-known brand on the market and therefore, ensure that we stand committed to the reputation we have built over the past few decades. Our website is extremely user-friendly as all the brands, types, and products related to pocket watches are well displayed on the site.

Furthermore, we mainly deal in two kinds of pocket watches: Mechanical Movements and Quartz Movements. Depending on your personality and requirements you can gift your loved one either a mechanical movement winding watch or an automatic quartz movement pocket watch. Nonetheless, if accuracy in timekeeping is what you are looking for, then a quartz movement (battery operated watch) is the most ideal choice for you.

Gunther Watch Company offers a few popular brands such as Charles Hubert, Devonshire, Victorinox Swiss Army, Wenger, Ed Hardy and so on, to help you make your selection from.

Amongst them, the Charles Hubert Pocket Watches offered by Gunther presents a handpicked assortment of the most elegant and finest timepieces on the market. We own an exclusive selection of pocket watches for men in varieties such as plain cover, sterling silver, watches with photographs, open faced, automatic, and more. With over 100 varieties under this category, Charles Hubert watches for men are the perfect choice of gift.

Kindly visit Gunther Watch Company at and browse through our elaborate watch guide sections that will instantly help you make the right choice regarding the pocket watches.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Gunther Watch Company – Your Personal Favorite Source for Personalized Pocket Watches

Favorite Personalized Pocket WatchesIf you are out in the market to track down the most elegant and classy timeless pocket watch, Gunther Watch Company is the most sought-after online store to meet your needs. From classy to elegant to the most awe-inspiring watch models, Gunther pockets you with every type of fob watch and authentic brands. So, grab your hands on the wide range of Swiss Army, Devonshire, Charles Hubert and many more from Gunther Watch Company. These brands are extremely popular as they ostentate sheer ingenuity and gracefulness in the models keeping in mind the choice and desire of every wearer.

Give your Pocket Watch a Personalized Touch

Besides the commonly found flamboyant and contemporary pocket watches, Gunther is a go-to source for another prominent reason – personalized pocket watches. These watches carry extreme assurance of high-quality life as well as virtuous service life. As a matter of fact, we personally ensure all our clients and customers are offered well-tested and good-quality watches for better performance.

While you plan to gift or contrive a classy custom-made watch from us ensure to request for a custom engraved message or a picture of your choice on the cover or inside the cover of the watch to give it a whole new level of personal touch. Gunther humbly welcomes you for extending that special engraving service.

The kinds of products we offer have their prices rated at an all time low in the market. In addition, the best part about our custom-made range of watches is that they materialize to be fantastic gifting idea for various occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, retirement, a new job, or any other social occasion that can be captured in a memorable moment.

Gunther Watch Company offers personalized pocket watches in two forms: mechanical movements and quartz movements. You can also browse through our most voguish collection of Swiss-made pocket watches for men that gives you a fine taste and a bigger budget. We encourage you to speak with us on our Toll Free Number: 1-877-544-0814 or visit us at

Friday, 2 August 2013

Devonshire 35 Jewel Automatic Watches are Stylish and Elegant

Devonshire 35 Jewel Personalized WatchEven though we are surrounded in a world of fast-paced, modern technology, there are some of the old wonders and archaic things the younger generation still enjoys to this day. A pocket watch is one such illustration.

The quiet, yet elegant style statement of pocket watches can truly be experienced when you deal with Gunther Watch Company. Gunther is your one-stop destination for all exquisitely designed fob watches. It is also the place where you can purchase the best Devonshire watches at incredibly fair prices.

Purchase a Devonshire Pocket Watch from Gunther

Devonshire watches are uniquely designed with fine working mechanisms. Men's pocket watches offered by this brand are the best keepsakes for a lifetime. Their unique designs, functions, and appearances can make a great gift to a man on his special occasion. Each of these designer, elegant watches is artistically made by master craftsmen to provide a sheer joy to timekeeping and smooth watch operations.
Moreover, the prices we offer for all Devonshire pocket watches are among the lowest and affordable on the market. We also offer our exceptional custom engraving services to make it extremely easy for you to personalize the timepieces to the choice, style, and beauty of your own.

Devonshire 35 Jewel Automatic Watches under this category has all what it takes. There is no other mechanical pocket watch brands on the market that can be compared to the custom engraving, quality, style, and price of Devonshire 35 Jewel model. It is driven by a self-winding 35 Jewel movement that requires no batteries. Hence, it is unlike quartz watches. The 35 genuine sapphire jewels help to reduce the friction within the movement. However, the movement runs using precision pinions, gears, balance wheels and mainspring. It has an off-white face with brushed aluminum ring that consists of eight dark blue crystal stars with matching hands.

If you want to avail this watch, visit Gunther Watch Company’s website for more details. Our website also contains adequate information about the wide collection of Devonshire watches ranging from elegant pocket watches to wrist watches to clocks for desktop use.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Perfect Timekeeping with Svelte Charles Hubert Pocket Watches

Open Face Pocket WatchesGunther Watch Company, the most respected name in the watch-making industry has changed the entire course of watch-making with their years of experience. We carry the finest and most unique brands, allowing you to choose your pick from thousands of pocket watches and wrist watches that we offer. We state this in utter confidence that our slick and stylish contemporary pocket watches can prove to be an ideal accompaniment to your vintage style collectible pursuit.

Amongst our exhaustive lot, we present to you the best handpicked assortment of the exquisite Charles Hubert Pocket Watches which are rarely found on the market. We own an exclusive collection of Charles Hubert Watches in varieties such as automatic, open faced, quartz, traditional, super slim, chronograph, plain cover, sterling silver, mechanical pocket watch and watches that come with photographs too. Like it’s truly said, ‘you can never go wrong with a Charles Hubert’, however, this is because all the watches indexed under this brand are a reflection of a man’s elegant taste and status.

Indeed, pocket watches for men by Charles Hubert are back into the fashion mode in this contemporary era. With changing times the popularity for quartz movement pocket watches has increased tremendously. Thus, the watches offered by Gunther Watch Company are not what you think they just might be. Along with battery operated movements, Charles Hubert watches are also manufactured using titanium, high-grade stainless steel, and crystals meant for highest degree of accuracy in timekeeping.

Some laudable illustrations under this subject are as follows:

Sterling Silver Quartz Pocket Watch 3768

This watch is constructed in Roman numerals on white dial. It also has features like sweep secondhand, date function, case diameter of 1.86 inches, thickness of 0.5 inches, weight 2.8 ounces, and comes with a chain in a deluxe gift-box.

Similarly, other models like Sterling Silver Quartz 3581, Sterling Silver Quartz 3710, and Sterling Silver Quartz 3750 are all unique and elegant in their own ways.

To avail these beautiful Charles Hubert solid sterling silver pocket watches with quartz movement, visit our website at
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